How does it work?

Players first need to purchase a character from the ETH Fighter store. Once players have at least one fighter they will qualify to enter a fight with another player or the ETH Fighter AI


A one player game pits players against a formidable CPU-controlled opponent.


Using unreal engines matching engine ETH Fighters PVP mode allows you to play with other players all over the world - Coming soon

Game Rules

The game itself is broken up into three rounds. The method of winning is to have a majority victory - managing to win 2 out of the 3 rounds.

All characters will start with full health, and will fight until the health of one fighter is reduced to 0. Once this has happened, the character is considered knocked out, and the round is lost. When the time limit for the round is reached, the victory is awarded to the player with the most health.

How to Play

To begin a match, each of the participating players must have access to at least one character, which can be purchased from the ETH Fighter Store.

You need to select your character by highlighting the portrait of the fighter you wish to use, and then pressing the start button or enter key to confirm your choice.