• 1Health GaugeDisplays the current level of health for both fighters.
  • 2Stun GaugeThe Stun Gauge will increase the more damage you receive from your attacking opponent. When the gauge reaches max, you will have the stunned status applied to your character. This is also known as being dizzied.
  • 3Win MarkWhen a player wins a round, the Win Mark will be applied, informing players who has won the round.
  • 4Time CounterAs the name suggests, this displays the amount of time left in the current round.
  • 5CharacterDisplays the character that is being used by each player.
  • 6V-GaugeThe V-Gauge will fill up according to the number of hits taken from an opponent and the amount of “V-Skill” techniques that you can successfully perform against your opponent. This will give you access to the V-Trigger and V-Reversal functions. It’s important to note that the number of V-Gauge stocks will vary by character. And remember, unused gauge will not get carried over to another match and will simply be reset.
  • 7Critical GaugeThe Critical Gauge increases whenever your attacks hit the opponent. When your gauge reaches max, you will unlock the Critical Arts - incredibly powerful moves to help you turn the tide of battle. It is important to note that Critical Gauge will carry over to the next round of the match.


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How to Play

To begin a match, each of the participating players must have access to at least one character, which can be purchased from the ETH Fighter Store.

You need to select your character by highlighting the portrait of the fighter you wish to use, and then pressing the start button or enter key to confirm your choice.

Game Rules

The game itself is broken up into three rounds. The method of winning is to have a majority victory - managing to win 2 out of the 3 rounds.

All characters will start with full health, and will fight until the health of one fighter is reduced to 0. Once this has happened, the character is considered knocked out, and the round is lost. When the time limit for the round is reached, the victory is awarded to the player with the most health.